Shanghai Fashion Week AW19 preview | WANCAOYI 菀草壹, the infinite imagination of the literary girl

WANCAOYI was founded in 2008 by Ms. Li Hong, the founder and design director of the brand.

Since its inception, WANCAOYI has been adhering to the philosophy of “Let every respectful person have his own taste proposition”; to give clothing and wear through natural and soft lines combined with comfortable and loose patterns and romantic literary design details. The interrelationship between the souls, and sometimes in the busy life, find an environment to be alone, listen to the heartbeat of the heart; sometimes carry the bag to the ancient civilized city, come to a historical and cultural reach communicate with. I am fascinated by my heart.

From the moment you step into the WWANAOYI 菀草壹店, romantic French music, nostalgic photo walls, traces of antique small objects, like a story waiting for love and memories, look forward to discovering with you.

In the early embryos, Wan is entitled to sputum. The observation of China's original philosophy and auspicious culture has brought our thoughts into the classic "Shan Hai Jing" of Chinese civilization, and returned to reality in the WANCAOYI 2019 spring and summer series. Fantasy themes and serene culture combined with modern and diverse artistic expression, a romantic and psychedelic "chaotic fantasy"! This season's series is a collection of mysticism. It works with the artist Xu Yinghui's "Shan Hai Jing" series to create a theme print, "British recruit", human face, bird's wings, tiger's markings, parade; "mermaid" Living in a mountain stream, there are four feet in the mouth. When there is a drought, the water in the mouth rises up the mountain, and the birds come to drink water... The color of nature blends with the elements of the gods to fully express the sense of history and bring a wonderful experience. The monster culture and the fairy culture make this The season series shows a visual enjoyment that has never been seen before.

The icy superstructure of Plywood is interspersed with dense and chaotic Chinese neon billboards, strong visual conflicts between tradition and postmodernism, magical atmosphere revelators of cultural collisions, technological explosions and nostalgia, and clothing culture and social culture. Inseparable.

The WANCAOYI 菀草壹2018 Winter Series is based on the theme of “Phantom Evolution” and begins a contradiction between traditional Eastern culture and postmodernism. Behind the revival of classical aesthetics, the core values ​​of design are multicultural concepts such as diversity, inclusiveness and freedom; fuzzy time and space, which spans the spirit of freedom of race, culture and time, is the image of clothing culture that continues to be explored by the grasshoppers. .

“The pursuit of art has always been the source of continuous creativity.” Li Hong, founder and creative director of Cao Cao, said. Artist Connie Lim graduated from the prestigious design school of Central Saint Martins in London. She is a perfect blend of fashion and art and is dedicated to creating unique graphic works. AW18 series of 菀草壹 invited artist Connie Lim created a set of illustration patterns inspired by the theme of the series of costumes, hoping to incorporate sensuous artistic paintings and colorful colors into the creation of fashion.

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WANCAOYI 菀草壹AW19 Series

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