CN women feel relaxed, simple and stylish

Hangzhou Fei Yue Garments Co., Ltd. was founded in 1997, after years of accumulation of operations, has now developed into a professional design, production and sales of all-round enterprise. The company has an independent plant more than 6,000 square meters, professional production equipment more than 600 Taiwan, the design production capacity of over 120 million.


Hangzhou Fei Yue Garments Co., Ltd. to create its first-line brand " CN ", grinding sword for many years. Its brand style is delicate and changeable, trying to get people free from the stressful urban life and feel relaxed, simple and stylish without losing the soft style. Developed products are very contemporary and personalized, in order to highlight the "CN" brand personality as the principle, favored by the vast number of consumers.


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