Ten skills that sales people need to master

[China Glass Network] Every day, I get a lot of calls from sales people. Some of them last longer and some are shorter. Some listen very comfortable and very disgusted. Some are willing to talk to him a few words. I don’t want to say, some will take the initiative to ask him some questions. Some just ask one sentence. The other person doesn’t ask me if I don’t answer. Some will take the initiative to write down his phone. Some of them may not want to call again. Some are very It will soon be forgotten that some people will still remember him for a long time, and some have had a business connection with him only by one phone call. There has been no continuous cooperation for one year or even longer.

Everyone will also find that some sales people have a business soon after they enter the business, and some have done business for a long time or have a small business; some sales people are very unstable and very stable; some sales The staff is getting better and better. The position of the company's Pingbu Qingyun is constantly getting better and worse. Some of them become the edge of the boss. The status of the edge is not as good as one day until it is eliminated by the company. Why is there such a big contrast? I think the more important reason is that the difference in the quality of the sales staff is different from the skills acquired. This difference creates very different professional outcomes.

In my opinion, many people are not suitable for sales because of their personality and other reasons. It is extremely difficult for people who are not good at dealing with people to talk to people who want to get sales success. Many people do not want to be successful in sales or do not achieve great success, because the character of this kind of thing can change but it is very difficult to change. Some people are born to be the material of sales, and some of them can get good results even if they don't even need to bring them. In addition to being a natural fit for sales, the company has mastered the core skills that sales people must master.

Why do I have different reactions and attitudes to different sales people and carry out different contacts and contacts with them? The more important reason is the difference in skills acquired by sales people. Quite a lot of sales people have enough skills, and I don't know enough about them before I contact them. I can't make more targeted communication according to my characteristics. Some of the products that the salesperson sells are not needed at all, and the gossip can't be beaten. This shows that these sales people did not research the customer before the sale, and targeted sales according to the needs of the customer.

The salesperson must master the skills of the reader, be able to quickly understand the customer, and determine whether the person facing the potential customer is likely to develop into a customer or even become a large customer. The process of sales is the process of dealing with people. If every sales person is proficient in reading people's skills, the efficiency can be greatly improved. In addition to this, sales people need to master other skills:

First, a strong sense of market sensation and sensitivity, can make accurate judgments on the market trend, and take timely measures to cope with environmental changes;

The second is to always keep the passion without being frustrated by the temporary failure and not give up the original dream because of the temporary setbacks;

Third, always thinking for customers to continue to create value for customers can not damage the interests of customers because of short-term benefits;

Fourth, having a strong teamwork ability can well assist the boss and other team members;

The fifth is to have strong communication skills, whether within the team or facing customers or other stakeholders;

Sixth, having a strong sense of time and time management ability should plan the work done every day to avoid getting into work chaos;

Seventh, the enthusiasm with strong learning ability to keep learning is sensitive to cutting-edge knowledge and can be quickly grasped;

Eighth, there must be a spirit of sharing to share your thoughts with others in a timely manner. The more you share, the more you get.

Nine is able to adapt quickly to changes in the environment and has a strong ability to respond to emergencies.

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