What boots are popular this year?

Ben Wang reported on November 11, 2011 has reached the last quarter, which also declared the cold winter quietly. Boots must be a must-have for this season. Boots make beautiful women, in addition to giving warmth to the MM in this winter, but also make it more stylish and beautiful! Below, let us look at this year's popular style boots.

Interspersing straps are a fashionable element that is nowadays prevalent. This mid-barrel matte leather Martin boots, with leggings and pencil pants, reveals a thin ankle that is beautiful.

The fat plain snow boots always have a different kind of warmth in winter. Thick soles creaking in the snow, with tight pencil pants, tops with loose irregular knit cardigans, sweaters, and a two-tone stitching collar and gray arm cover, stylish and warm .

Fringe boots are a very popular style this year. They are long, short, or complex or simple. Underneath this pink boot is a tread pattern. Satin is softer. It visually draws people's vision and is very streamlined.

This pink and white color matching boots is sweet and pleasant, a pair of belt buckles to make the shoes become dual-use, in the boots or four seasons shoes, can be described as a double-edged sword.

This popular strappy knight boots in Europe and America is a style that many stars like, simply matching the college style check shirt pencil pants, plus a small knit jacket, handsome full of cool.

Belt buckle thick with military boots range of children, if it is tough and checkered waist shirt shirt sweet hit, there will be a different taste!

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