Blue and white porcelain collection four elements

Collection of blue and white porcelain can not follow the flow, precisely because the scarcity of blue and white porcelain, there will be many counterfeit goods on the market, which makes the blue and white porcelain market mixed, it is not true and false. Since the styles, writing styles, materials, and styles of ancient blue and white porcelain have significant characteristics, as long as you master the basic laws of knowledge, you can accurately judge the age and kiln of ancient porcelain.

First of all, look at the cobalt material. The blue-and-white porcelain cobalt materials are classified into Su Niu Ma Qing, Ping Qing, Shi Zi Qing, Hui Qing, etc. Most of them are high-manganese, and porcelains fired with imported blue-and-white cobalt materials have the most collection value. Because blue-and-white porcelain baked with imported pigments was mostly created by advanced craftsmen at that time, the artistic value was higher.

Second, look at hair color. Underglaze hair color is gorgeous, blue-and-white blue-and-white porcelain varieties are particularly precious. When Qing Emperor Kangxi was using multicolored blue and white flowers, the development of blue and white porcelain reached its peak. The so-called blue and white color refers to the use of a kind of porcelain baked with blue-and-white pigments.

Third, the level of art is a key factor. Elegant style, composition, three-dimensional, structured, blue and white porcelain figures have a clearer and clearer collection value.

Finally, the calligraphy and patterns in the ancient blue and white porcelain calligraphy also have great reference value for the innovation of calligraphy and seal cutting art. For example, the blue-and-white porcelain of the Shunzhi period was generally rough, and the composition was relatively arbitrary. There were not many kinds of types and types of drawings.

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