Good News Bird new patent suit to market a new concept of new design to lead the new fashion

Traditional suits due to the limitations of the production process, more materials, clothing heavier, leading to the hot season wearing sultry, ready to tie. It is reported that the spring and summer of 2012, the good news bird successful breakthrough in this technical problem, the new push two patented suits - cool suits, zero weight heavy suits, the two suits in addition to adhering to the good news bird clothing fashion, personality, connotation of temperament , But also incorporates a new design concept and production process, not only broke through the technical bottlenecks of traditional suits, but also reconcile the suits in the spring and summer seasons wearing comfort, for the majority of men in spring and summer dress provides more choices. At present, the "cool suit" has passed the national apparel utility model patent certification, and "zero weight and heavy suits," the national invention patent clothing is in the process of acceptance. At this point, the good news bird owned by the State Intellectual Property Office has granted 35 patents, of which 1 invention patents, 32 utility model patents, design patents 2, can be described as fruitful. At the same time, this score also greatly demonstrates the good news Bird Group expansion in the field of clothing strength. Perfect innovation, good news birds in the process to seek a breakthrough Since the men's suits officially rooted in China since the process of heritage, the traditional concept of suit production has not been shaken. Due to the limitations of the craft, there are too many accessories and accessories in the suits, and heavier garments, which are especially unfavorable to the hot seasons and regions. The introduction of the good news bird "cool suit" completely out of the traditional concept of natural fiber blend fabric, retaining the fabric cool and breathable on the basis of supplemented by half a structure, lined with high rebound, Strong breathable and ultra-thin chest liner and shoulder lining, not only make the light and light clothing, but also to ensure that the dress is self-cultivation effect, but also has a more comfortable and lightweight wearing experience. Relative to the "cool suit" targeted, "zero weight and heavy suits" are more focused on the comprehensive nature of its light, thin, transparent features are likely to set off a field in the formal fashion craze. The weight of the garment is 40% lighter than traditional suits. The traditional cheongsam composite chest liner has been canceled. The inside has a half-length structure with a large rear face and a shoulder pad. Coupled with natural fiber blended fabrics and a unique half lining in lining technology, its innovative design concept ahead, and even can be said to complete a perfect innovation in the suit process. Leading the times, good news bird shaping costumes The elemental clothing can be said to be the second appearance of mankind, "people rely on clothing horse saddle" is the truth. Naturally, the development of clothing and innovation should first be based on human needs and reality. As a "people-oriented" fashion design concept, good news bird in the new "cool suit", "zero weight and heavy suits" can be described as most vividly. After abandoning the shortcomings of the traditional Western suits, the advanced technology of modern apparel technology has given birth to the birth of these two "new concepts" suits, which are particularly gratifying to the majority of men. In addition, the listing of "cool suits" and "zero weight and heavy suits" will also fill a gap in the field of Western suits in spring and summer. And both the season's fitness, or wearing a cool comfort, these two products have greater market potential, and its stylish novel design, for the pursuit of individual consumers are also tempting.

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