Ellen series of fashion lingerie elegant and noble British charm

In 2011, the British Elina (Hong Kong) International Apparel Group and the Beijing Times Hao Cheng Enterprise Management Consultants Limited cooperation on the Elina underwear brand new underwear products and marketing programs integration, Elina underwear will also be brand new Enjoy the formal marketing formally landed in the Chinese market, to guide women wear the right culture and ideas underwear as their responsibility, is committed to the perfect collection of products and services. Promote the enjoyment of "beautiful, healthy and happy" concept of underwear consumption.

Eileen underwear always adhere to the "comfortable, healthy, elegant, noble, beautiful" underwear dressing concept, the first to put forward "enjoy underwear marketing concept", continue to design the world's leading fashion underwear style, relentless R & D innovation to women to get healthier, more beautiful and comfortable underwear, showing the most fascinating style, the perfect fusion of tradition and fashion, leading the domestic fashion underwear, so that women show their own charm at the same time also receive a healthy care and become Chinese women Consumer chase and worship of the fashion.

爱伦娜系列时尚内衣  优雅高贵的英伦魅力

Ai Leena underwear to break the traditional open a new era of underwear revolution, based on the characteristics of the East women love to create suitable for the East women's own underwear, Eileen underwear, grasp the "green, functional, decorative," a unique product line, first-class Product equipped with precise market positioning, so that Ai Leena brand from entering the Chinese market from the very beginning destined extraordinary.

爱伦娜系列时尚内衣  优雅高贵的英伦魅力

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