Light simulation silk cloth volume rose

In recent years, China Textile City has witnessed the emergence of customers from all over the world. The sales of simulation cloths in spring and summer have increased, and transactions have continued to increase.

In the first half of the year, women's use of artificial silk cloth from the 150D-75D light or light and semi-gloss varieties, the recent start of a variety of scattered marketing, and from the fabric to accessories and materials involved in the dispersion. The women's printing simulation silk cloth is the main ingredient of the various markets since the beginning of the year: "Chiffon", "oil", "satin", "washed velvet", "chunya", "diamond star", “Jin Si Yi”, which has both printing and bleaching and dyeing varieties, is enriched with different applications of color separation and flower splitting among middle-aged, middle-aged and young girls, and some of the merchants have already been used for large-scale garments. Urgently demand goods.

However, due to the limited number of operators currently operating in a limited number of processing factories, there is still a significant shortage of goods to be delivered by the market, leading to price increases. There are light, semi-glossy triangle yarn dyed, printed spring and summer warp knitted fabrics, woven fabrics, the recent listed models and more, due to small batches of repeated sales, many varieties that had not risen before, there is still no shortage of new prices . Although this year the market as a whole simulation of silk cloth is hampered by the lack of front-end output, the market spread is limited, but such as 63D-75D artificial silk dyeing or ginning varieties have been a large number of goods, but subject to processing restrictions, difficult to deliver.

Wool Fabric is a type of cloth made with application of animal hair for retaining body heat. It can be used for coat, overcoat, suit, trousers, skirt ect. 

Wool fabric has following features

Wool fabric can keep body warm because wool fibers do not conduct heat

Wool fiber is naturally elastic and capable of stretching. Because of natural crimp, they keep their shape well and have great crease recovery.

Wool fabric is durable, strong and resistant to tear.

Since wool is resilient and elastic, wool fabric tends to drape well.

Wool fiber is water-repellant and absorb moisture.

Wool fabric can be dyed in any color and are colorfast.

Woolen Fabrics

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