vanneal Chennai children's clothing OL gas field to build the Queen

vanneal "from Hong Kong, expressing the romantic, elegant and stylish personality of the white-collar family; to free combination, romantic colors; the pursuit of simple, stylish design; high-quality fabrics, fine craft embodies the" vanneal Kaoru Nye children " Unique fashion concept.


Vanneal combines the latest European fashion elements, attention to detail changes and the effect of the whole break, the design style with stylish, elegant expression of the perfect packaging for urban women, fully demonstrates the charm and confidence of modern women, simple design, elegant chic The details of the changes, elegant fabrics, exquisite tailoring work, more suitable for modern fashion women's needs and cultural taste.

vanneal薰奈儿女装  打造OL气场女王

Vanneal consumer groups: "Vanneal Kanet" Women located in the 25-38 year-old urban white-collar workers, they aspire to fashion, the pursuit of fashion, but at the same time restrained, not exaggerated, they are sensual and have a certain cultural accomplishment, not Throughout the show is their unique temperament.

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